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  • Classic Facial 170 AED 30 Min
  • Iris Treatment 200 AED 45 Min
  • Raspberry Treatment 200 AED 45 Min
  • Camomile Treatment 200 AED 45 Min
  • Deep Cleaning DR. Renaud 180 AED 45 Min
  • Brightening Facial DR. Renaud 200 AED 45 Min
  • FRUIT FACIAL 150 AED 45 Min
  • Any Casmara Mask 100 AED 30 Min
  • Facial + Casmara Mask 250 AED 1 Hr
  • Iris Anti – Ageing Treatment 250 AED 1 Hr

Facial At Home Dubai

Beauty Services at Home in Dubai – Facial and Makeup

Daily deadlines and busy schedules usually act as barriers to avail the beauty services we need. Days pass, and we fail to get the time to visit the salon and avail beauty services. But now you don’t have to wait for holidays to make time for your salon appointment.

High Sky Salon is here to help you avail quality facial and makeup beauty services right at your home in Dubai. You can now choose from a range of beauty services at your home. In short, availing of quality beauty parlour services wouldn’t be difficult now.

Our Extensive Home Facial and Makeup Beauty Services

We offer the best facial and makeup services in Dubai. Our highly professional makeup artist can help in improving the look and texture of your face. What makes our home salon service unique is the presence of sophisticated equipment.

Irrespective of your facial needs, we have the skills and know-how to provide the best service. Now you can get flawless facial and makeup services right from the comfort of your home.

Anti-Acne Facial at Home- Helps in Removing Dead Cells

After cleaning your face thoroughly, our makeup artist would perform exfoliation. Exfoliation eliminates dead cells and pores clogging from your face. Your glow would be restored once the dead cells are eliminated. In case of irritation, our technicians would apply a facial mask. This would help soothe the irritation.

Deep Cleansing

Is your face oily? Do you experience frequent pimple breakouts? At High Sky Salon, we offer the best deep cleansing facial in a home in Dubai.

Our experienced facial expert steams your face to loosen the skin pores. After loosening up the pores, our expert technician would extract blackheads and whiteheads. We also apply a wide variety of cleansing treatment methods to get rid of the remaining debris.

Beauty Services At Home Dubai

Beauty Services At Home In Dubai

Sport a Youthful Glow with our Anti-Ageing Facial

Signs of ageing can make a total mess of your glowing face. And when the context is about parties and other gatherings, you need to look good. At High Sky Salon, we offer anti-ageing facials to restore your glow.

Our anti-ageing facial services enhance the elasticity of your face by decreasing wrinkles. We use high-quality facial ingredients and techniques which eliminate other ageing features from your face.

High Sky Salon brings you versatile beauty parlour services at the best pricing. We provide beauty parlour services at flexible timings. You can call High Sky Salon anytime to fix an appointment.